Agora Dowtown Coffee Shop

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520 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, VA 22401



$6.19 – Drink and Pastry

Your choice of one of our new specialty drinks (espresso, tea & chai, or not coffee or tea)
+ a muffin, cookie, or biscotti

Espresso Drinks choices
Pancake Latte
A delicious maple cinnamon latte reminiscent of a pancake breakfast
Cinnamon Sage Latte
Our brown sugar cinnamon latte with a sage twist
Lavender White Chocolate Mocha
A sweet white chocolate mocha with hints of lavender
Orange-Cinnamon Mocha
A dark chocolate mocha with hints of orange and cinnamon
Cinnamon Spice Latte
A spicy cinnamon drink with a chili powder bite
Super Fruit Latte
A latte with sweet hints of blueberry and acai

Tea & Chai choices
Brownie Chai
Our chai latte paired perfectly with dark chocolate
Spiced Tea Fog
A tea steamer with hints of almond and spices
Happy Almond Fog
Vanilla Almond tea steeped in steamed milk with dark chocolate, coconut, and amaretto

Not Coffee or Tea
Orange Creamsicle
A sweet and creamy orange drink on ice